A Guide to FIFA eSports Betting For Beginners

Throughout the world, there are dozens upon dozens of international sport tournaments that take place. Some are for a smaller, niche sport, and others are for some of the biggest sports of the modern era. Of all these sports, there is one that soars above the rest in terms of sheer popularity: football. Football is one of the oldest sports in history, and while it had simple and humble beginnings, it has grown into a behemoth in the sporting world, outshining any and all competition.

Modern football began in Great Britain over 100 years ago, and it was the FIFA organisation that first started adding rules and regulations to the sport. This soon led to some smaller tournaments, but as football became more popular around the globe, FIFA realised that they could successfully run an international tournament that would attract teams at an international level. Thus the FIFA World Cup was born, and it remains the biggest sporting event in recent history, second only to the Olympics, arguably.

Best FIFA World Cup 2024 Betting Sites

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The sport has also given rise to a massive betting scene, and FIFA World Cup betting is some of the most popular sports gambling available on the market. During every World Cup, millions from every country enjoy football world cup bets, and while they’re not always successful for many, many others have walked away with big winnings.

This is among the more common and popular types of football world cup bets that are on offer from bookmakers. Here, the punter simply wagers on the team that they believe will win a match. These types of bets become available as soon as the world cup tournament starts, meaning that punters have four years to choose the type of FIFA World Cup betting that suits them best.

This bet can extend further than a single match, and some punters prefer to wager over the entire tournament, betting on one, individual team. This comes with more risk, but also means a much higher pay off if the team wins it all.

Football World Cup Prop Bets

Not quite as popular as outright betting, prop bets still have a large place in the FIFA gambling scene. These are wagers taken out on specifics in the game. For example, a punter may bet on a certain player scoring the first goal in a match much like picking a winner in horse betting. Prop bets tend to have much higher odds due to their niche nature, but there will be plenty of them available during FIFA 18 betting.

Pre-Tournament  FIFA Betting

This type of FIFA World Cup betting takes place before any of the major events take place. As betting becomes available as early as possible, punters have plenty of time to work out what kind of wager they want to invest in. Pre-World Cup betting usually involves group or outright football world cup bets, and something preferred more by seasoned punters. FIFA 18 betting has already begun for many countries, and many punters have many types of bets already in the works.

There are many more different bets that are available to punters, and finding the right one takes patience, research, and finding the right bookie. We’ve lined up the best sportsbooks online for you, so this makes choosing where to wager simple. So get started now!