Presidential And Election Betting Guide in NZ

Politics affects all of us in real ways every day, so knowing the ins and outs of what’s going on is a good idea in general. When you add the motivation of getting paid out for putting money on what you think will happen, you’ve got the best of all worlds!

Political analysis and successful punting thrills offer different pleasures, and they are beautifully brought together on the political election betting sites we list here at You can choose from the best bookmakers in New Zealand, secure in the knowledge that every site is fully licensed and endorsed. Many of the most exciting options are related to online election betting, both locally and internationally.

Best Election Betting Sites

TOP online election betting SITESMarch 2023
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2 IE allowed4.9/5100% Match Bet now

There’s a lot more to election betting than just naming the most likely candidate to win. At the election betting sites we list here at, you can also predict how many seats a party will win, and the bookies in New Zealand actually often create spreads that are similar to what you’d see in a sports betting for these political bets. You can even speculate where each contender will finish, which means you’ll have to have a really thorough understanding of what’s going on!

Unlike sports, politics never really sleeps, and having access to markets all over the world as you do with bookmakers means there is always something exciting going on. The limitless resources of the Internet also mean you can monitor developments as they happen and do as much in-depth research as you’d like to. Find out as much about a candidate’s popularity, policies and histories as you can, and check out expert commentaries as well.

Some of the New Zealand election betting sites we showcase offer odds for online election betting as soon as all the candidates have been announced, while others hold off until the herd thins out. The best thing to do is decide when to punt based on the information you have available – it’s usually best to place your election bets as near to the actual event as possible because of how quickly the political betting climate can change, but if you have reliable information on a long shot you can put money down as soon as possible and cash in on a bigger windfall.

Whenever you’re making a stake you should try not to let your emotions get involved, which is especially difficult with election betting. Backing the contenders you want to win is very tempting, but save your votes of confidence in them for the ballot. As a punter, you need to put money on the most likely outcome, not the outcome you want the most.

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Just like successful punting, shrewd political moves demand analysis, insight and careful strategy. The only thing that is more exciting than political betting games or weighing up election bets must be when they are both brought together, and as a thrill-seeking nation New Zealand has come to love online election betting. Get in on the action for yourself now and check out some of the NZ online betting sites we’ve recommended here.