Introduction To Online Sports Betting in New Zealand

Want to bet at the best betting sites in New Zealand? tells you how!

The home of top rated, reviewed and recommended online NZ betting sites that welcome Kiwi punters; makes wagering online simple, straightforward and potentially very lucrative.

Online betting is a huge part of sporting enjoyment in New Zealand and we’re here to make sure you get the most out of every wager placed. Whether its great odds, a safe and secure environment or simply a wide array of popular markets, the online betting NZ sites we endorse offer everything you need.

Best NZ Betting Sites

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In addition to bringing you the best online betting sites in New Zealand we also make sure that you have access to the best odds. Odds can make all the difference between breaking even and winning big and at the sports betting sites we recommend, you’ll always enjoy consistently favourable ones. It’s often said that you should shop around for a sports book that offers the best odds, so we make it simple by directing you to a selection of NZ betting sites that all deliver.

Bet on the NBA, Cricket, Soccer, Tennis, Melbourne Cup betting or any other sporting event. You can do at the sites that have been given the seal of approval. You can also bet on horse races, elections, the worlds financial markets and the outcome of reality shows, songs on the charts and so much more.

The Most Popular Sports To Bet On

Wagering on different sporting events is huge fun and the 24/7 access the internet grants is a big part of why. The New Zealand-friendly bookmakers we recommend offer a huge range of different sports bets, but some are more popular than others.


Is there any sport that quite matches Boxing when it comes to wagering? One of the reasons it’s such a perfect fit is that it can almost be said to have been created for  online betting on! Revenue from early fights in the bare-knuckle era was chiefly earned from wagering action volume.


Football is not just one of the best-loved sports on earth for spectators. Online bettors rank it pretty highly too and the plethora of championships, games, and different tournaments make for exciting times.


As complex as Golf may be, it’s a sport that’s as enjoyable to play as it is to wager on and watch. Tournaments take a long time to unfold, so the different kinds of sports wagers available for them are fascinating.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is one of the oldest sports on earth and wagering on these events is just as ancient! Whether it’s Endurance, Flat, Harness, Jump, or Quarter Horse Racing you like best, it’s all available online at our NZ betting sites.


Tennis is also a top pick with Kiwi bettors thanks to how structured a sport it is. With enough knowledge and expertise of the game and its players, it’s not that difficult to consistently get good online betting returns in it.

Online Betting NZ

Just about every betting market is covered and if you want o wager on it- you can!

No matter what your preference, there’s sure to be a market that grabs your attention and keeps you captivated. Live in-play betting can also be enjoyed with horse betting, as can a myriad of other exciting sports betting options.

When it comes to betting types there are also a huge number of options available at the top New Zealand betting sites. This means you can place short term or futures bets and that the choice of options is extensive, no matter what market you choose.

No online betting NZ experience is complete without free bets, promotions and special offers. At the NZ betting sites approved by we make sure that you always have access to the best possible promotions. Whether it’s free bets for big matches, bonuses on sign up, or promotional sports betting deals which offer exciting twists, there’s sure to be plenty of rewards coming your way.

Different Betting Options Available 24/7

If you’re new to sports betting in New Zealand, you may not be familiar with just how wide the variety of bets online is. And even if you’re a veteran, you might need a bit of a refresher course! And although there are many different kinds of online wagers, a little reading up on them is all it takes to understand how they work.

Accumulator Bets

These involve multiple selections being made as part of a single wager. Let’s say you want to back Liverpool Football Club, Manchester United F.C., F.C. Barcelona, and F.C. Bayern Munich to each win their next game. You would then include all four in an Accumulator.

But they’re challenging online bets because each selection must be correct for you to see a return. So, if just one fails you’ll lose, but the upside is that the returns are great if you don’t!

Handicap Wagers

These are very popular sports bets with more experienced players and work like they sound. A Match Favourite gets placed under a Handicap and the Underdog starts off a game in a positive position.

For example, in a Football match between Real Madrid C.F. and A.C. Milan, NZ online sportsbooks could give the latter a goal advantage, offer slightly lower betting odds, or place a -1 goal Handicap on Real Madrid and increase their odds.

This means that Real Madrid would need to win by at least two goals for you to win your sports Handicap bet on them.

Moneyline/Win Wager

This is the simplest of all the sports bets in New Zealand and is incredibly easy to pick up. It is a wager used all over the world, but New Zealand bettors love it particularly.

All you need to do is place your sports bet on the team or athlete you think will win the match, game, or tournament and you’ll collect if you’re right. There are some variations from sport to sport, but essentially this is how they work. In Football, for example, you could also place a Moneyline bet on a draw outcome, but Tennis does not have this third option.

Outright Sports Bets

If you have a specific team or athlete in mind to win a particular competition or tournament, then consider the Outright wager. These online sports bets can be described as a kind of Futures wager, where you’re guessing who the winner of something will be a long time before the competition even begins. Sometimes known as ante-post bets, when you’re putting money down on these, all that needs to happen is for you to be right. The team or player that you named at the beginning of the season needs to get through it and take the trophy at the end.

Specials/Prop Bets

These NZ online wagers are great fun and vary considerably from sport to sport and bookmaker to bookmaker. They can be divided up into online bets based on luck and ones that require some skill, but they’re all entertaining.

Although it’s not a great idea to make these wagers the main ones you place, they can form part of a good New Zealand betting strategy if you want them to. Usually, they are very specific wagers that may or may not have a direct effect on the outcome of the event in question. So you could bet on the First Player to Score, First Team to Take the First Corner, Player to Score a Hat-Trick, and the like.

Mobile Betting NZ

When it comes to keeping safe online, its always suggested you stick with online betting NZ sites that are proven to be secure, make use of reliable banking options and that meet the standards set out by regulatory bodies.

We only recommend NZ betting sites that are 100% legal, licensed and above board and we make sure that Kiwi punters are always well looked after in every way. Safety and security is key and when you bet online, you want to be able to do so with complete peace of mind.

Online Sports Betting NZ

Whether you want to indulging in soccer betting on your mobile or prefer sitting at your computer, is the only guide you need. Every punter in New Zealand is sure to find what they are looking for at our exceptional online sports betting sites and before long you could be wagering and winning on the markets that you love!

Ramp up the excitement of online betting NZ online and stick with the NZ betting sites that are guaranteed to be the best!