Ultimate Guide To Rugby Betting Explained

According to tradition, rugby football was developed at Rugby school in the town of Rugby in England. It was originally one of several versions of football played at English public schools in the 19th century. There are two forms of rugby, rugby league and rugby union, both of which have their own distinctive rules.

Rugby Union is both a professional and amateur game. The game is administered by World Rugby, whose headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland. It is the national sport of several countries, including New Zealand, whose team has just won the latest World Cup.  The latest form of the game is Rugby Sevens, and this game has just been admitted into the program for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Best Live Rugby Betting Sites

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The sport of rugby has generated an ardent and devoted following. Live Rugby betting is a fairly recent addition to the betting code, but is one of the fastest growing in terms of popularity and income generating and may even rival horse betting soon. In particular, the recent World Cup in England created such a wealth of interest among all nations, that there were a huge number of punters placing bets on the outcomes of all the games. There was excellent television coverage of the games, and live rugby betting sites generated an immense amount of excitement. As with all sports, the inability to forecast wins with any certainty adds to the thrill.

With the popularity of rugby growing in New Zealand, many of the sports betting sites have made it possible for viewers of the game to place wagers. There are various wagers that can be placed at Rugby betting sites, like fixed odds, prop bets and over and under bets.

Rugby is well known for its physicality and the combination of physical strength, fitness and speed that is what all good rugby players strive for. It is also however, very reliant on teamwork and understanding between all the players.

The most popular bets in live rugby betting in New Zealand and across the globe are of course, the match win bets.  These bets are supplemented by options to bets on how many tries will be scored, or if any will be scored, performance of various individual players, which team will score the most tries, and if any conversions will add to the score. There can be great excitement in live rugby betting sites and then watching the game, to see who will be the player to carry that oval ball over the line. Rugby betting sites can be very lucrative. But punters are advised to do a little research into the game, including the history of each team and the form and capabilities of players and coaches. Even the weather forecast for the game can prove to be a factor in the outcome of the game. All these facts gathered will help the punters translate their knowledge into profit.

Online Rugby Betting Sites have Attractive Bonuses

Gambling sites are very competitive, and in order to attract punters, they provide high standards of customer service; good pay out rates and attractive bonuses. The top New Zealand online betting sites will also offer financial convenience that is safe and secure, to ensure there are no complications in depositing money or withdrawing winnings. There are many top quality rugby betting sites to choose from, and it is up to the punter to find one at OnlineBetting.net.nz that will meet all their requirements.