Betting On Golf 2024 New Zealand Guide

Golf used to be quite an exclusive sport that was only played and watched by the Upper Few Per Cent, but not anymore! Television brought the game to the masses, and the Internet continued the trend. Increased exposure also brought many more athletes from all walks of life into the game and today anyone can play, watch and most importantly Golf bet on games. It’s become one of the popular sports for all three in New Zealand, which is why so many of our showcased golf betting sites here at offer punts on it.

Golf might seem simple at first, but it’s actually very sophisticated. Essentially players have to hit a small ball in the direction and at the speed that they want it to go, and this takes a lot of skilled precision. On top of this, the human factor plays a big role and a player’s mental state can have a huge impact on the outcome of a game. There’s a lot to consider, which is why we wanted to do more than just show you the best New Zealand bookmakers to conduct your golf betting business with. To make sure you get started on the right foot, check out our guidelines below.

Best Golf Betting Sites

TOP golf betting SITESMay 2024
1 IE allowed5/5100% Match up to $250 NZD Bet now
2 IE allowed4.9/5Up to $60 NZD Bet now
3 IE allowed4.8/5100% Match Bet now

The first decision you need to make when you’re golf betting on a Golf tourney is where to do it. If your focus is Golf betting, rather than having it as an added extra to some other wagering, you need to choose a sports betting site that offers as many different punting options as possible. The golf betting sites showcased at all follow the sport’s major championships, and there are also several that focus on lesser-known events or on games more local to New Zealand. It really just depends what you’re looking for – whatever you decide, you’ll be able to trust the bookies you find at and can relax and focus on your golf bets and wins.

Once you’ve chosen your golf betting sites you’ll be ready to decide which golf bets to place. Golf games offer several options and golf betting odds including predicting the players who will make the cut and the overall winner, and saying where different players will place. There are plenty of other exotic golf bets to discover along the way, but one of the best places to focus your bankroll is on individual matchups. Here you simply need to say which of two players will be higher-ranked at the end of a tourney.

Focusing on one thing only makes it easier to think more clearly, and you should be able to find out about the contenders easily enough to punt with confidence. One of the best pieces of golf betting advice you can get is to look at the available matchups before you place any other golf bets.

Take a Swing on Golf Bets

Golf bets are as deceptively simple as the game they’re based on, and the more time you spend at the golf betting app recommends the more you’ll understand and appreciated that. Start your New Zealand online betting adventures today to see what we mean.