Ultimate Guide to Horse Racing Betting in NZ

Horse racing betting has been given the name of ‘the sport of Kings’. This sport goes back thousands of years. The ancient Greeks began racing with these animals, first with chariot races, and later moving on to races with horses and a rider. The Romans also enjoyed all kinds of equestrian events to bet on.

Today there are three kinds of horse races. First, and by far the most popular are the Thoroughbred races, which today take part in most countries of the world, and are watched and enjoyed by millions of people with millions of horse racing bets placed daily. There are also steeplechase races, which are popular mainly in Britain, where the horses jump over various obstacles, and harness racing, which was developed in the United States. A Thoroughbred horse is one who can trace back its parentage to one of the three original sires, and who is registered in a stud book of a country recognised by The Jockey Club.

Best Online Horse Betting Sites

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Horse racing betting is a favourite sport in every country that holds horse races, and each country treats their premier horse racing event as one of their most important sporting events in the year’s calendar. One only has to think of the global interest in a race like the Melbourne Cup, the Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot to realise that these events attract an incredible number of people, and an incredible amount of online horse betting activity. There are also smaller horse races that take place in many countries, and there is an opportunity for punters to place horse bets on a race every day of the week.

There are different types of horse races to bet on. There are maiden races, for horses that have never won a race, there are handicap races and stakes races. In handicap races, weights are added to each of the top quality horses to equalize the field, and stakes races have higher purses and the better horses. The names of this type of race usually includes the word Stakes, like the Belmont Stakes in America.

Horse Bets in New Zealand

A major part of the interest in horse racing, and a major part of the economic importance of these events to each country, lies in the gambling activity that is associated with horse racing betting. This online horse betting generates a worldwide market worth millions.

Horse racing betting is now not only great fun, but easy to take part in, as modern software becomes more efficient.  Most people these days have access to some form of mobile device, and any punter with a computer or tablet, or smart phone can now enjoy placing horse bets on any horse race from the comfort of his own home. With the simplicity of Internet betting, online horse bettting has flourished, and grown into a huge industry. On top of the freedom of access, winnings on the races are often so large that most punters are willing to invest in a horse racing wager, even if the stakes are high.

There are of course many different horse bets that it is possible to make on horse racing. Of all the wagers available the favourites are the place, win and each way. These translate to a top three finish, a first place position, and either of the two respectively. The online horse betting punter should always remember, however, that predicting any winner in horse racing is not only a matter of luck. It would be worth investing a little time in acquiring some of the skills required for a successful bet. At OnlineBetting.net.nz we tell you everything you need to know about NZ betting online and make choosing horse racing betting sites simple.