How To Place Bets On Cricket Betting in NZ

New Zealand is well-established as a sporting nation, and if we’re not playing a game we are almost certainly watching one!

Spectator sports are even more enjoyable when you’ve got money riding on the outcome, and that’s just where we come in. Here at we bring all the finest online betting sites in New Zealand together in one place, so you can choose those that appeal most to you with ease. Because we’re committed to helping you have the best online experiences in every way, we’ve also created basic guidelines to many of the most popular online cricket betting markets in New Zealand. One of these is surely Cricket Betting, and you can read all about it here.

Although it was around before, Cricket become really popular in the 16th century having been kept alive by Norman and Saxon children. International competitions have been held since 1844, and have been officially recorded since 1877. The game has been refined several times over the years, and is enjoyed all over the world today.

Best Cricket Betting Sites

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There are 3 forms of Cricket played today, namely Test Matches, One Day Internationals and Twenty20 games. Cricket betting is popular on all 3 in New Zealand, but the recently-introduced Twenty20 games are breathing new life into playing, watching and cricket betting online on the game. They originated in India, and are now played in an Indian Premier League and in their own World Cup.

The sites showcased at focus on this type of wagering, with the most popular options being the Draw or No Draw cricket bets that offer a little more security. With these punts, stakes are returned to punters if the game ties so the overall risk is lower. This means they are a great place to start your cricket betting career, and there are plenty of other options to investigate as your confidence grows.

These include putting money on who the Top Batsman and Top Bowler of the match will be, who the Man of the Match will be and many other creative cricket bets. Cricket is a very detailed game, and discovering all of the different options available at sites is an enjoyable journey in itself. When you’re placing any pre-match bets make sure you check the batting and bowling statistics and, in the case of a Test Match, the straight up odds as well.

In-Play Cricket Bets

Also called Live Bets, these allow you to place your wagers as the action unfolds in real time, so you can respond to what happens with adjustments to your strategy. As you get to know the game and the art of cricket betting more closely, this can be a great way to recoup losses and compound wins. The live cricket bets New Zealanders seem to prefer include player runs, total test match session runs and total team runs.

Punters at the sites showcased here at also favour method-of-next-dismissal cricket bets, which allow you to stake money on ow the next wicket will fall. These involve close evaluation of bowlers’ strategy and of the performance of every involved player, which is very rewarding in itself. There are several other options in this form of Cricket Betting as well, so try to stay alert and decide which are best for each situation.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more time you spend cricket betting at sites, the more you’ll appreciate the nuances of the game and everything these sportsbooks have to offer. Read our cricket betting tips and keep polishing your sports betting strategy – you’ll win more and have a more satisfying experience in every way.