About OnlineBetting.net.nz

Our Mission Statement

To bring you the best online betting sites in New Zealand, time after time, year after year.

Choosing the best sports books online is no small task, but its one that the team at OnlineBetting.net.nz have gladly tackled. We want to ensure that punters in New Zealand never settle for second-rate sites and that when betting online, the experience is enjoyable, safe and potentially very rewarding.

OnlineBetting.net.nz is dedicated to sourcing the best betting sites on the web and have designed this site to make it easier for new and experienced punters to get in on the action, whenever they choose.

Our Objective

Our mission is simple- to rate, review and then recommend the very best betting sites that legally welcome punters from New Zealand. We don’t take any bookie at face value, and we carefully scrutinise what a site has to offer before we even consider getting behind it.

We strive for excellence and expect the sports books we endorse to always do the same. We aim to ensure that high standards are always upheld and that our passion for punting always shines through. We aim to provide relevant, up to date information that covers everything from the different betting markets to betting on mobile, along with information on totes, free bets, bonuses and so much more.

Our reviewers work tirelessly to check that the betting sites we recommend always live up to expectations and that they don’t falter in any way.

Core Values

At OnlineBetting.net.nz we say it like it is. We won’t sugar coat anything, downplay any issues or resort to trying to sway punters opinions with big bonuses. We are honest unbiased and transparent and conduct ourselves in a manner that’s in keeping with our core values and beliefs.

Honesty is a huge part of betting and we want the bookies we recommend to always be transparent in their dealings, reliable in their pay out times and terms and conditions and generous with their bonuses.

We take our loyal readers seriously and always put them first and as we are team that’s passionate about betting online, we only recommend sites that we’d wager at ourselves.

Reviews that are Reliable

OnlineBetting.net.nz is constantly keeping an eye on the industry and checking out what options are available. When it comes to betting online we believe that punters should be able to wager on just about anything and we won’t restrict our search to a small market. Rather, we make sure that everyone is catered for and that betting opportunities are extensive and varied.

Our reviewers have drawn up a list of what they feel makes a good betting site great and we never deviate from this list as it forms the backbone of our review process. Only a site that meets each and every one of our exacting criteria is considered for recommendation and we are incredibly strict, making sure we only endorse the cream of the crop.

If you have any questions or share feedback please drop us a mail and one of our team will be in touch.