What is Tote Betting – A Guide To How It Works

The idea of the Tote, earlier known as the Horserace Totalisator Board, was formed in Britain. It was established in 1928 by the UK government. Under the brand Totesport, the Tote has many betting shops in Britain, and outlets on the racecourses too. There are now Internet and call centre divisions. The Tote now has formal pool betting links with similar organisations in many other countries of the world, and the best online tote betting are available wherever they have been established.

Tote betting is a system of pool betting on horse racing. This system of tote betting is also called pari-mutuel betting, and means all bets of a certain type are placed in a pool, taxes and the house take are removed. All the bets placed by the punters are pooled together, and payoff odds are calculated by sharing the pool wealth among all the winning players.  Thus Tote betting means that the final payout is not determined until the pool is closed, while in fixed odds bets the payout is agreed at the time the bet was bought.

Best Online Totes Betting Sites

TOP online totes SITESJuly 2024
1 IE allowed5/5100% Match up to $250 NZD Bet now
2 IE allowed4.9/5Up to $60 NZD Bet now
3 IE allowed4.8/5100% Match Bet now

Effectively, placing bets on the best online totes betting allows the player potential lucrative tote betting opportunities. First of all, there are what is called the floating and shifting odds. Based on the number of punters betting, the sizes of the bets made and of course on the outcomes of the events, the odds available in this betting format float around, and the shrewd punter can reap highly lucrative horse betting returns. Secondly the size of the community reflects the respective size of the purse, and as such, thanks largely to the internet and its globalization of events, means that some of the most lucrative wins online are available through the best online tote betting.

Sports events all over the world are considered the greatest entertainment of all. Whether people travel sometimes great distances to attend these events, or whether they sit at home and watch on the television, people love to watch sports.

Everyone in New Zealand has their favourite sport, and sportsmen and women that are treated like heroes. This consuming interest and passion has made the sports betting industry the huge profitable business it is today. There are now also a variety of bets available to punters, especially in the extremely popular horse racing world. This has grown immensely quickly, with the addition of online sports betting. The best online totes betting are now easily accessible for everyone wishing to place a bet.

Investigating the Best Online Totes

Wagering online can be lots of fun, as well as highly profitable. This is also because of the wealth of possibilities of different bets available, and the great New Zealand online sports books that cater to these bets. They offer punters a great range of sports to bet on, but also the thrill of watching a game with a stake in the outcome of the event. This effectively combines people’s love of the sports themselves, and the enjoyment of a gamble on the outcome. The best online totes betting can be accessed by the huge number of punters who sit at home and use their computers, smartphones or tablets to place their bets.

Kiwi punters are therefore advised to investigate the best NZ sports betting sites available in the online sports books, find which games support it, and join the online community in the big wins available in horse racing.