Boxing Betting And Betting Odds Explained

Boxing is both an Olympic and Commonwealth sport and is a common fixture of most international sporting events. There are also World Championships of boxing. While people have fought each other in hand-to-hand combat since before the beginning of history, boxing as an organised sport probably began as an Olympic game in the time of the ancient Greeks.

Boxing also evolved from the prize fights on Britain and later in the United States that took place a few centuries ago. In New Zealand, boxing betting has become increasingly popular and the top online sports books all offer a number of boxing bet options.

Kiwi punters who are successful at betting on the outcome of a sporting event, are generally very knowledgeable about the sport in question. Followers of the art of boxing are well aware of the rules of the sport, and have a thorough knowledge of the boxers themselves too. Boxing has a huge base of supporters all over the world, and these days with the great convenience of online betting and mobile access to all the facts and figures of the sport, it has become very easy to indulge in boxing betting.

Best Boxing Betting Sites

TOP boxing betting SITESApril 2024
1 IE allowed5/5100% Match up to $250 NZD Bet now
2 IE allowed4.9/5Up to $60 NZD Bet now
3 IE allowed4.8/5100% Match Bet now

Statistics suggest that at least two thirds of the all the people that are aware of all the advantages of the online world, will use their familiarity with it to place bets on any sports events they enjoy. The betting facilities catering to these aspirations are many, giving the potential punter a huge range of boxing betting options, and a vast array of sporting events to choose from. These New Zealand friendly boxing betting sites are also highly rated for quality, excellent customer service and safe and secure betting and financial conditions.

Different Kinds of Bets Possible

Boxing betting is very popular with a great number of New Zealand sporting enthusiasts. People have bet on the outcome of fights between men for centuries. These days, and encouraged by the boxing betting sites and sports betting books, bets can be placed on the winner of the fights, but also on other aspects of the fights.

Additional wagers can be placed on whether the fight will be won by a knockout, a technical knockout or points decision, the number of rounds in the fight, and various other facets of the match.

Boxing betting has become a sporting activity with many angles to consider, and an activity that consumes the interest of many punters. People are starting to appreciate the convenience of online boxing betting too, as this can be done at any time of day or night, and the punter can access not only the local fights, but are also able to include all international events.

In some ways boxing tournaments are treated like horse raceĀ betting, in that several fights that take place on the same evening can be linked in a single bet. This will give the punter an increase in boxing betting odds, and the possibility of a big win with a small initial bet. It is important to choose one of the best NZ online betting sites or sports books that will definitely offer good customer support and boxing odds. Another important aspect of boxing betting is the security of the site the player has chosen. The punter will want to concentrate on any tense round of a fight without being concerned about any financial transactions.

Any good gambling experience should be devoid of complications when depositing or withdrawing money. There are many online payment methods available and it will be worthwhile making sure that your selected online betting site also suits your payment scheme. At we tell you everything you need to know about betting online and make choosing a sports book easy and quick.