What Is Fixed Odds Betting Explained

October 3, 2017

Even though there are various ways of placing bets, fixed odds betting is to this day the most popular way to bet amongst punters in NZ. Take note to always understand the odds, and make sure you know what you are betting on before you engage with fixed odds online betting sites.

Fixed odds betting is called the traditional way of NZ betting. Fixed odds online betting sites often express fixed betting NZ odds as fractions like 1/5 or 5/1. The numerator indicates the amount to be won and the denominator indicates the wagering amount. Some fixed odds online betting sites also reflect the fixed odds betting stakes as a ratio like 5:1, reading 5 to 1.

Fixed Odds Online Betting Compared 

Although there are other betting types on offer when betting on sports events like Asian handicaps and spread betting, statistics have proven that fixed odds online betting is still the favourite amongst all types of betting.

With the fixed betting NZ way of doing things, the player has the benefit of always knowing exactly how much he stands to win, and how much he stands to lose. Fixed odds betting gives you the benefit of knowing exactly how much the bookmaker has set as a return and how much this bet will cost you.

If you compare spread betting to fixed online betting you will see that there is an element of uncertainty with the spread betting type of bet. The winnings could be a multiple of different pay outs in correlation to your wager amount, however the possibility also exists that you could lose more than you wager if the bet does not go your way. The certainty factor of fixed odds online betting compared to the uncertainty of not knowing what you stand to win or lose, makes fixed odds betting a saver way of playing.

With Asian handicap betting you are presented with only 2 outcomes to bet on, rather than 3. A handicap is assigned to each team which results in the fact that there is no draw option.

Different Types Of Fixed Betting NZ Odds

Money line betting is a form of fixed betting NZ online sportsbooks use for sporting events. This type of fixed odds online betting assigns a weighted value to each betting component. The favourite in a sporting event is usually identified by a negative number and the underdog of the event by a positive figure.

Decimal Odds is another form of fixed betting NZ odds. This type of betting includes the player’s original bet in the pay out.

Fixed odds betting is most definitely the most popular way of betting in NZ since you have a bit more security when it comes to winnings and bet amounts. This betting style is not as lucrative with pay outs as spread betting but this is considered in most online betting circles to be the traditional approach to placing bets.